Final Consultancy Reptile Survey

I have just completed what is probably my last survey this year, with the end of September generally representing the demise of the surveying season.

Again at the Wales site checking for reptiles, we managed to see a reasonable range of specimens. However colder, wetter conditions definitely had an impact on the number of finds.

As with previous site visits, we found a couple of juvenile grass snakes and a handful of slow worms. Interestingly, one slow worm we saw had a thin black end to its tail. I wasn’t sure whether this was a quirk of this specimen or whether it was a result of regrowth or injury and I wasn’t able to get a photo for reference.

With many of the mat’s being flooded there were a few amphibians seeking refuge including a large toad and a couple of juvenile newts which had probably only recently left their birth ponds.

Common Toad (Bufo bufo)

I have had a great experience surveying this season, both with this consultancy and with my bat group whose activity has also slowed right down for winter. I’m definitely hoping to become/stay involved in this field of work in the future however I have now moved out of Manchester and will have to introduce myself to my new local groups in Hertford.

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