Consultancy: Reptile Survey

I had a great experience surveying at a site in Wales today. Saw plenty of Slow worms and one juvenile Grass snake as well as mice, voles, frogs and toads.

Slow Worm

Unlike my first reptile survey where the species were a no-show, this opportunity allowed me to see numerous individuals from 2 target species first hand. As such I had the opportunity to gain experience in both species ID and sexing of the animals as well as a chance to take a couple of photos and bombbard Hayley with questions.¬†As with the other site I visited, around 200 mat’s were used and ideal weather meant that they were warm, ideal for basking.

Adult male Slow Worm – Lacks defined vertebral stripe and dark sides evident in females

The one Grass snake we saw had pale blue eyes which my colleague said was probably due to it preparing to moult, it remained quite still and would have been a great photo but my battery had gone flat by this point.

Slow worm male and juvenile
Slow worms of both sexes can vary greatly in colour from shades of dull orange to brown to grey
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