Consultancy Reptile Survey

A second reptile survey in Wales today and I saw a great range of specimens which I feel has greatly improved my identification skills. The weather wasn’t ideal but this didn’t seem to make much difference as a similar number of individuals were found on my last trip to this site.

As well as finding 2 grass snakes and numerous slow worms, I saw my first ever common lizard today which I was really chuffed about, the little juvenile hung around just long enough for me to take one photo before it skittered away.

Under many of the mat’s there has been evidence of small mammal nesting and I uncovered a pair of Voles in one area.

Common Lizard (Lacerta vivipara) – This specimen was just a juvenile, around 5cm long. Even younger specimens tend to be darker.

Grass Snake (Natrix natrix). A juvenile and still pretty small. Nonetheless it has developed the black and yellow V around the base of its head

Grass Snake. Same specimen as above.

Juvenile Grass Snake. This specimen is too young to have developed the characteristic colouring seen in the above photo’s. The yellow V around the heads base remains a defining characteristic.

Two Slow Worms (Anguis fragilis): Adult male and Juvenile

Adult male Slow Worm

Female Slow Worm: This specimen seems to have had a hard time. It has lost its tail which is now a stump and has a lot of evidence of scars and cuts on its body. Slow Worms can shed and re-grow tails as a response to attack.

Vole sp. Im inclined to say this is a Field Vole due to it’s shorter tail but it may still be a Bank Vole which look very similar.

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