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Smooth Newts in Bottle Trap

Two males and a female caught in a bottle trap in mid-April. Smooth newts have spots on the underside of the chin and males can develop quite dark colours with large spots and stripes on their head and body. Note also the orange on the tail of the males along with a blue iridescent strip above it.

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First frogspawn of 2013

Found in slow flowing and partially frozen stream/river. Quite an early record considering the cold winter.

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LBG Highgate roost survey

A final winter roost survey at the Highgate tunnels identified 17 roosting bats, as usual a mixture of natterers and daubentons. This winter has had the highest  bat count since 2008.

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LBG Roost Survey: Highgate Tunnels

I completed my first bat survey with the London Bat Group over the weekend in what was also my first experience of a roosting survey. The site in question, Highgate Tunnels, has been surveyed 3 times a year since 2002 in order to monitor bat roosting activity. Consisting of two, 300m disused railway tunnels, the area is now specially [...]

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Cloning for conservation

Cloning is the process in which genetic material (DNA) is transferred from one organism to a host cell in another. With this technology, scientists can transfer anything from single genes to entire genomes between host organisms. In the wider science communities, cloning has applications in isolating and propagating desirable genes for medication and research, and [...]

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Grass Snake Sighting

I found a young grass snake under an old wooden board whilst out on a walk around Goldings, Hertford today. Unfortunately no photo but nice to see one there for the first time.

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Final Consultancy Reptile Survey

I have just completed what is probably my last survey this year, with the end of September generally representing the demise of the surveying season. Again at the Wales site checking for reptiles, we managed to see a reasonable range of specimens. However colder, wetter conditions definitely had an impact on the number of finds. [...]

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Consultancy Reptile Survey

A second reptile survey in Wales today and I saw a great range of specimens which I feel has greatly improved my identification skills. The weather wasn’t ideal but this didn’t seem to make much difference as a similar number of individuals were found on my last trip to this site. As well as finding 2 grass [...]

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One Million Pond Project

Charity group ‘Pond Conservation’ release have released plans to boost the number of ponds in the UK to 1 Million. Ponds represent highly biodiverse habitats yet there numbers are declining with those still remaining becoming increasingly polluted. The charity is offering funding and practical advice to those wishing to create pond habitats on their own [...]

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Consultancy: Bat Re-entry Survey

I helped out in another dawn bat survey this morning. Very little activity to report and I personally recorded just one bat (Daubentons) completing 3 passes along a river.

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