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Smooth Newts in Bottle Trap

Two males and a female caught in a bottle trap in mid-April. Smooth newts have spots on the underside of the chin and males can develop quite dark colours with large spots and stripes on their head and body. Note also the orange on the tail of the males along with a blue iridescent strip above it.

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First frogspawn of 2013

Found in slow flowing and partially frozen stream/river. Quite an early record considering the cold winter.

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Water Boatmen (Backswimmer).

Snapped this water boatmen during a pond dip at Phillips Park. This photo shows the insect upside down as this is how they swim, propelling themselves along the surface of still water bodies searching for prey such as tadpoles and smaller invertebrates.

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Amphibian ID and Survey

I have always had a strong interest in, and fondness for amphibians. My childhood home was blessed with a pond populous in frogs, and whilst exploring nearby woods and fields I often stumbled upon other frogs, toads and even the occasional newt. My interest in these animals remained strong throughout my university education. My second [...]

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