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Fuel Poverty: The Green Solution

With a bleak economic output for the coming year, and a cold winter predicted there is increasing concern that rocketing fuel bills will drag more and more households into ‘fuel poverty’. In the past, rising fuel bills have been attributed by many, to investments in green technology, leading to growing resentment and even skepticism surrounding [...]

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Clever Little Schemes

This blog, and likely some others to follow are also available at, a great little pressure group that shares many of my environmental concerns and interests!   The barriers to achieving environmental sustainability are often vast; high initial economic costs, the need to change stubborn policies and habits, and a lack of education within the [...]

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The dynamic ecosystem

Periodically I come across an article that announces a new level of depth discovered within terrestrial ecosystems, previously unknown interactions that singularly or through accumulation lead to significant changes in local biodiversity. I was first made aware of the sheer depth of complexity throughout global environments during a third year module, ‘Conservation Biology’. This course [...]

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