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Cloning for conservation

Cloning is the process in which genetic material (DNA) is transferred from one organism to a host cell in another. With this technology, scientists can transfer anything from single genes to entire genomes between host organisms. In the wider science communities, cloning has applications in isolating and propagating desirable genes for medication and research, and [...]

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Southern Cemetery Update

I heard some great news today regarding the bat survey we completed at the Southern Cemetery a few weeks ago. It seems that the survey provided critical evidence to support the sites nature reserve bid, which is now set to be awarded the desirable status by the governing body, Natural England. This is great news as it [...]

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Newt Search: Phillips Park

Night Before: Along with Nick Martin I placed 12 newt traps between 2 ponds in Phillips Park. These ponds represent the two remaining non-surveyed (within recent years) habitats to be assessed for newt activity within the park and one has even housed Great Crested Newts (GCN’s) in the past. Presently, Phillips Park is considered a [...]

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Bat Survey: Southern Cemetry

I completed my second bat survey this Thursday, during a fortunately warm and dry evening at the Southern Cemetery, Manchester. The survey was organised in order to collect evidence that could support a bid by local authorities to award the site nature reserve status, something that site managers have been working towards for some time. We were briefed to split up into [...]

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Bat Survey: Platt Fields

I attended my first bat survey on a drizzly wet wednesday night of this week (July 4th), in Platt Fields Park, Manchester. I loved it. Tagging along with the South Lancashire Bat Group, of which I have recently become a member, the main aim of the outing was to try and locate the presumably close [...]

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Hope for orang-utans?

A while ago I wrote about orangutans in Sabah (Borneo) as part of a university assignment regarding the necessity of conservation to retain any chance of the species’ (there are at least 2 of them) long-term survival. There has been a growing awareness of the species plight, with worldwide charities such as WWF considering it special enough [...]

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